Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Avenger

The Avenger, originally uploaded by effemera.

The Avenger
Called it the Avenger as when I had finished it it reminded me of the TV show `The Avengers`.
Not really even sure why i felt the need to give it a name, I suppose I feel quite emotionaly attached to my work while i am making it, they can feel like children being born.......odd!
Anyhow I was given some kind of thin metal,a kind of foil,possibly aluminium I think its some kind of building/roofing product .The paper used is just black and white paper in alternate layers sandwiched between the metal.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Queen Clara

Queen Clara, originally uploaded by effemera.

Complete ladybird book,glued,carved,sanded,varnished

Builder Bill

Builder Bill, originally uploaded by effemera.

complete ladybird book,glued carved ,sanded and varnished.

Friday, 24 September 2010

`The Chilterns` origami map necklace.

New necklace made from a map of the Chilterns using origami and macrame with bone,wood and glass beads and seeds (job`s tears)

`The Tree and its World`, book bangle.

New bangle made fom the Ladybird book `The tree and its World`.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Black letter brooch

Black letter brooch, originally uploaded by effemera.

Origami brooch made be recycling envelopes.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

books and red thread

books and red thread, originally uploaded by effemera.

The books at the bottom were inspiration for the nacklace.The books can be viewed in my flickr book art set.
The books used were `The rape of the lock` and other poems from a book called longer poems for the necklace and Ricochet (bottom left) and Eats Shoots and Leaves` )bottom right.
The folded books were the inspiration for the necklace, i had a theme Text,Textile and Texture,all words derived from the same latin word Texere meaning to weave or fabricate.
i also very much like the combination of red thread with book pages,plus the idea of the old riddle whats black and white and red all over!

Fox in sox,equivalent

Fox in sox,equivalent, originally uploaded by effemera.

The same book done two different ways.
The bottom equivalent was actually a smaller version,it had the same number of pages and the same illustrations.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Loot 2010 Exhibition New York

I have been invited to show my work at this exhibition,I am excited and still cant quite believe it!

Friday, 30 July 2010

3 childrens books

3 childrens books, originally uploaded by effemera.

The necklace is made up of, ( anti clockwise starting from the left )Rapunzle,Dr Daisy and The Gingerbread Man ( run, run as fast as you can!)he was very foolish!

3 little pigs bangle

3 little pigs bangle, originally uploaded by effemera.

I have vivid memories of this Ladybird book,the Big bad wolf pictures terrified me.
I actually feel sorry for him now and find the pig with the brick house rather too smug !

Great cities of the North (and Midlands) ,urban brooches

This is the complete set of Brooches,four of the most amazing cities of the UK, there is much more to the UK than just London.So much talent has come from the North of England and the Midlands.
I could just do with finding a map of Newcastle upon Tyne!

Liverpool brooch.

Liverpool brooch., originally uploaded by effemera.

This Brooch is made from a 1969 Ordnance survey map of Liverpool.Although I was born in Manchester I spent much of my childhood with my Grandparents who lived about 10 miles away.Many of their sisters and Brothers lived arround the Liverpool area although I think one of them was actually virtualy dissowned for marrying a proper Liverpudlian! My Uncle Albert like many other people who live in the area claimed to have seen the Beatles popping into a house on the street where he lived !
I would have been 7 when this map was published and have many happy memories of staying with my Grandparents on their farm. It was a beautiful map showing many familiar places and giving me some good memories.I have saved the bit that shows my Grandparents farm so i will use that for a brooch for myself.
This brooch has been made for an exhibition to be shown as part of a set with the other city brooches.

Friday, 16 July 2010

how to cut your fabric in one piece

how to cut your fabric in one piece 2

This works for paper too for getting a long length for paper do get nonbbles though were one cut end finishes and the next cut starts,this gives an interesting texture though which I like.

newspaper necklace detail

newspaper necklace detail, originally uploaded by effemera.

Crochet done with news paper yarn.

Newspaper yarn

An article on how to make yarn from newspaper.I have tried this myself but not using a drop spindle.I spent ages twisting the paper by hand and I also tried using an old fashioned hand drill and a clamp to hold the other end of the paper.This did work to some extent but I only managed to get a maximum of about 2 feet in length.It was just about enough to crochet some small beads for a necklace that I made a couple of years ago,will post a pic from my flickr photo stream. When I get chance I will have another go as i was pleased with the result.Incase the title doesnt connect to the link here is the address.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Book necklace

Book necklace, originally uploaded by effemera.

I felt it was fair to give credit to the original author,illustrator and publisher of this childrens book by using the Isbn number from the back of the book to form part of the closure.Hopefully if someone buys the necklace they will have the fun of looking up the isbn,buy the book and then read it to their children or grandchildren etc.
The necklace has been made for the Loot exhibition in New York in October.
The necklace is made from a complete book strung in page order and as it would be read i.e.from left to right. It took a long time to do and is made up of around 7000 circles.

combustion bangle

combustion bangle, originally uploaded by effemera.

Combustion Bangle, AA book of the car,burnt.
Kind of a complete mini history of the development of man all in a bangle !

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

music necklace

music necklace, originally uploaded by effemera.

A new design necklace using Music,bone and wood beads with an ivory sliding bead that makes the length adjustable.I was aiming for the idea that the bone and the wood could represent the piano keyboard,I also used some jewellery findings as beads,the metal coil leather ends as this is supposed to give the idea of possibly piano strings? !!!

heraldic necklace

heraldic necklace, originally uploaded by effemera.

New necklace using a book on heraldry that a friend gave me.
I liked the idea that heraldry can be linked to family and heritage,if we value anything in our lives our family or at least mine is very high on my list of things to value,cherish and respect.
The other beads used are bone (not my ancestors!) and recycled metal as this reminded me of swords and knights which seemed to me to fit in with my theme.

Birmingham brooch

birmingham brooch, originally uploaded by effemera.

I am planning on making a set of these `Urban`Brooches,this one is of Birmingham,although a bit of Wolverhampton snuck in!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Manchester Brooch

Manchester Brooch, originally uploaded by effemera.

Manchester Brooch

Manchester Brooch, originally uploaded by effemera.

Manchester is where I was born, St Marys Hospital,Whitworth park on the A34,the plan was to exhibit and hopefully sell but i am not sure I can actually do it,probably will never find this map again as it was an old map .I love the place where I was born and dont visit nearly enough even though I only live about 15 miles away.It might be a grey brooch but Manchester is one of the most vibrant and colourful cities in the UK its veins run red rather like the road system on the map.
I live in dread of when maps will be photographic rather like paper versions of Google Earth,I shudder at the thought

Monday, 7 June 2010

old new blue

old new blue, originally uploaded by effemera.

I was asked recently if I made bridal jewellery which I dont specifically although paper is a wonderful material for the theme.
I thought this would be a good design challenge so I came up with this idea,based on `old, new, borrowed blue`.
I have used old,new and blue papers,the blue is a silk paper,it has wisps of silk running through it,the new is ivory coloured vellum and the old is recycled white tissue and old sewing patterns.I have capped the bottom off with reclaimed vintage buttons and the top with hand crocheted silver plated wire plus a bit of wispy white feather and threaded with an ivory satin ribbon.
Why eggs?....They symbolize rebirth,new begginings and of course fertility!
As for the borrowed part....... eggs are also linked with time and as we all know time is something all of us can only borrow.


eggs, originally uploaded by effemera.

Monday, 24 May 2010

wild flower bead pendants

wild flower bead pendants, originally uploaded by effemera.

While I was enjoying making the necklace using the wild flower book
thought I would continue and make a couple of pendants.These will be on display with the necklace and for sale at the next Moving Clay exhibition as part of the Macclesfield Barnaby festival in June at Duke`s Court Art Studios.

text bead necklace

text bead necklace.3, originally uploaded by effemera.

Made as a commission,was nice as I havnt made a necklace using just the text from a book in ages.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

OS map of exmoor,Croyde brooch.4
Made as a commision for a paper wedding anniversary present,Croyde had romantic significance!

wild flower book beads

wild flower book beads , originally uploaded by effemera.

wild flower book beads

wild flower book beads, originally uploaded by effemera.

Necklace made using `A Field Guide in Colour to Wild Flowers`
isbn 0 7064 0474 2 1978 second edition,seeds(job`s tears),cotton and old buttons.
This necklace uses some pages from the white flowers section.I was inspired by the lovely weather this week and the sudden abundance of flowers and the birds singing,I love May!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

town mouse country mouse 1

town mouse country mouse 1, originally uploaded by effemera.

music manuscript bead necklace

music manuscript bead necklace, originally uploaded by effemera.

Bartholomew half inch map,sheet 47,Mull and Oban.2

I have recently started selling some of my work online with an eco conscious company called Pure Design,these are the pieces I have for sale with them.
They have some fabulous work on show all made by designers who are eco and ethicaly conscious.I shall post more info on my favourites soon.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Made for aid

Made4aid is a new project, raising money for charity through online auction of good quality, handcrafted items. The items for sale are donated by crafters and artists (amateur and professional) throughout the world or by anyone who has handmade items (new or vintage) to give. All proceeds will go to charitable work and aid organisations.

The organisation is run by volunteers and is entirely non-profit-making, with all proceeds initially being sent for relief work in the refugee camps in Darfur.

We are registered members of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, membership number 11190.

Visit the official Made4Aid website for more information.

Donating items to made4aid
Any postable handmade items - or arts and crafts supplies - can be donated and sold on made4aid to raise money for charity.

You can find more information about donating items on the made4aid website here.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Spring 2010

Spring 2010, originally uploaded by Karen / Chalk Hill Studio.

Uk handmade spring 2010 online magazine is now ready.
This online magazine is fantastic,I was glued to my computer yesterday reading it.The mag is well laid out with some really interesting articles,interviews and how toos,all with great photos.
I only joined UK handmade recently but so far am really impressed.It seems to be a very vibrant network of people all creating some lovely things.and who seem eager to help and support each other.
I really do highly recommend registering with them if only to receive their wonderful magazine.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

The moon, the wheel and the mirror

My friend Lou Murphy took this fabulous photo,I just love it,I think that the composition is wonderful and its been taken in the place of my birth,wonderful Manchester.More of her photography and other artwork work can be viewed on her flickr site, so go to -

Friday, 12 March 2010

Ask Harriete

Have just been having a look at the Ask Harriete blog.It really is a mine full of information and advice for artists and crafts people.I have just spend around half and hour having a realy good read on pricing of work,copyright issues and a good article on protocol on submitting work to galleries.I really cant recommend this blog enough,its fantastic.There is a link to it on the right in my blog list.

paper bangle prototype 5

paper bangle prototype 5, originally uploaded by effemera.

paper bangle prototype

paper bangle prototype, originally uploaded by effemera.

A new bangle design that I came up with when i was poorly with a very nasty cold.I am pleased with it although this is just a prototype done with pretty poor quality paper that doesnt seem to stand up to the test of wearing.Last time I put it on a section dropped off,wasnt really suprised though it was the scrap book paper which comes in really nice colours but is just not very durable.
It made a nice colourful change from books and the texture of the paper was lovely,almost felt like,a bit dissapoined really but shall try again.
It is odd though how some of my favourite experiments are achieved when I am either ill or very tired,maybe its because I dont feel upto getting serious when I am not feeling great so dont put any pressure on myself to produce and just get into mindless fiddeling.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Heather Skowood

monopoly brooch
I was thrilled to be contacted recently by Heather Skowood who invited me to submit an image of a piece of my work for a book on found object jewellery which is due to be published this year by Stackpole books.The piece she chose is `Monopoly brooch` which I made using origami techniques from a travel Monopoly set that i found in my loft when I was making a start on clearing out before moving house.
Heathers work is absolutely stunning,she makes Art jewellery and jewellery from recycled/found objects.I hope anyone reading this will click on the link to visit her website and blog.
I will post an image of the brooch shortly,it can also be seen at, its for sale!

Paper book necklace,isbn 0-7214-1930-5 side 1

Paper necklace,isbn 0-7214-1930-5 ladybird book

New necklace based on an experiment I did a while back.
Initially I intended to make a bracelet but i didnt have enough pages.
The book used is` Little yellow digger`,all the pages have been used and threaded in page order.
Other materials are seed beads,wooden beads and pewter.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Woven comic bracelet

A bangle that was also made using `The Dandy`,woven with bright orange wooded beads.

comic book bead necklace

comic book bead necklace, originally uploaded by effemera.

New necklace made from a `Dandy` comic book.
Its not quite finished,just need to complete the macrame cord and add a nice little red flower shaped button that I found in my button collection to use for the fastening.
Must do some photos of my buttons and post them,I bet there is a dedicted flickr button group too which I shall investigate,I love buttons!

Monday, 25 January 2010

For sale! Brooch,Bartholomew half inch map,Vale of Severn

Selling online at last!
Have finaly got my self organised for online selling. Its with Makers Online who are still a fairly small company but very helpful and friendly,and organised.I have put a link to them on the top right of these blog pages.
They have a small selection of my work for sale including the Vale of Severn Brooch and Monopoly Brooch,hopefully i shall get more on the site soon.They also have a nice selection of other items,Jewellery,bags and accessorise made by other very talented Uk artists so its well worth having a look.Its also much easier to find things on their website compared to the etsy and etsy type sites,this was one of the things that appealed to me for joining.Etsy especially is now so huge that I feel my work would have been `lost`there.
Anyhow I am very excited and I must say a big thank you to the team at Makers Online who have been very helpful and very pleasant to deal with.I hope anyone reading this will now go and take a look.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

PETALI mosaic

PETALI mosaic, originally uploaded by frucci.

More examples of Fruccis bracelets,dont forget to look at her flickr photostream and etsy shop!


COSTCO petals BRACELET, originally uploaded by frucci.

Lovely folded bracelet by Frucci (Francesca Vitali).

vellum paper and clay bead bangle

This paper bangle has been made hundreds of times,instructions can be found on the inernet.Its made of several folded units then each unit is joined together.For some reason I have never had a go at making one until now. This bangle is made of pretend vellum,its actually a posh printer paper but is very nice to work with.Its fairly heavy weight and holds a lovely crisp edge and comes in ivory or gold,my example uses the ivory colour with some reclaimed ceramic beads of the same colour.I also made a pendant and some earrings out of the same paper.
I have seen some lovely examples of these paper bangles on flickr made by the highly talented Francesca Vitali also known as Frucci of Frucci design ,its well woth taking a look at her other remarkable work too,she also sells on etsy.I shall post an image very soon,its going to be hard choosing though as all her work is fabulous.