Saturday, 30 January 2010

Woven comic bracelet

A bangle that was also made using `The Dandy`,woven with bright orange wooded beads.

comic book bead necklace

comic book bead necklace, originally uploaded by effemera.

New necklace made from a `Dandy` comic book.
Its not quite finished,just need to complete the macrame cord and add a nice little red flower shaped button that I found in my button collection to use for the fastening.
Must do some photos of my buttons and post them,I bet there is a dedicted flickr button group too which I shall investigate,I love buttons!

Monday, 25 January 2010

For sale! Brooch,Bartholomew half inch map,Vale of Severn

Selling online at last!
Have finaly got my self organised for online selling. Its with Makers Online who are still a fairly small company but very helpful and friendly,and organised.I have put a link to them on the top right of these blog pages.
They have a small selection of my work for sale including the Vale of Severn Brooch and Monopoly Brooch,hopefully i shall get more on the site soon.They also have a nice selection of other items,Jewellery,bags and accessorise made by other very talented Uk artists so its well worth having a look.Its also much easier to find things on their website compared to the etsy and etsy type sites,this was one of the things that appealed to me for joining.Etsy especially is now so huge that I feel my work would have been `lost`there.
Anyhow I am very excited and I must say a big thank you to the team at Makers Online who have been very helpful and very pleasant to deal with.I hope anyone reading this will now go and take a look.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

PETALI mosaic

PETALI mosaic, originally uploaded by frucci.

More examples of Fruccis bracelets,dont forget to look at her flickr photostream and etsy shop!


COSTCO petals BRACELET, originally uploaded by frucci.

Lovely folded bracelet by Frucci (Francesca Vitali).

vellum paper and clay bead bangle

This paper bangle has been made hundreds of times,instructions can be found on the inernet.Its made of several folded units then each unit is joined together.For some reason I have never had a go at making one until now. This bangle is made of pretend vellum,its actually a posh printer paper but is very nice to work with.Its fairly heavy weight and holds a lovely crisp edge and comes in ivory or gold,my example uses the ivory colour with some reclaimed ceramic beads of the same colour.I also made a pendant and some earrings out of the same paper.
I have seen some lovely examples of these paper bangles on flickr made by the highly talented Francesca Vitali also known as Frucci of Frucci design ,its well woth taking a look at her other remarkable work too,she also sells on etsy.I shall post an image very soon,its going to be hard choosing though as all her work is fabulous.