Friday, 27 August 2010

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

books and red thread

books and red thread, originally uploaded by effemera.

The books at the bottom were inspiration for the nacklace.The books can be viewed in my flickr book art set.
The books used were `The rape of the lock` and other poems from a book called longer poems for the necklace and Ricochet (bottom left) and Eats Shoots and Leaves` )bottom right.
The folded books were the inspiration for the necklace, i had a theme Text,Textile and Texture,all words derived from the same latin word Texere meaning to weave or fabricate.
i also very much like the combination of red thread with book pages,plus the idea of the old riddle whats black and white and red all over!

Fox in sox,equivalent

Fox in sox,equivalent, originally uploaded by effemera.

The same book done two different ways.
The bottom equivalent was actually a smaller version,it had the same number of pages and the same illustrations.