Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Spring 2010

Spring 2010, originally uploaded by Karen / Chalk Hill Studio.

Uk handmade spring 2010 online magazine is now ready.
This online magazine is fantastic,I was glued to my computer yesterday reading it.The mag is well laid out with some really interesting articles,interviews and how toos,all with great photos.
I only joined UK handmade recently but so far am really impressed.It seems to be a very vibrant network of people all creating some lovely things.and who seem eager to help and support each other.
I really do highly recommend registering with them if only to receive their wonderful magazine.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

The moon, the wheel and the mirror

My friend Lou Murphy took this fabulous photo,I just love it,I think that the composition is wonderful and its been taken in the place of my birth,wonderful Manchester.More of her photography and other artwork work can be viewed on her flickr site, so go to -

Friday, 12 March 2010

Ask Harriete

Have just been having a look at the Ask Harriete blog.It really is a mine full of information and advice for artists and crafts people.I have just spend around half and hour having a realy good read on pricing of work,copyright issues and a good article on protocol on submitting work to galleries.I really cant recommend this blog enough,its fantastic.There is a link to it on the right in my blog list.

paper bangle prototype 5

paper bangle prototype 5, originally uploaded by effemera.

paper bangle prototype

paper bangle prototype, originally uploaded by effemera.

A new bangle design that I came up with when i was poorly with a very nasty cold.I am pleased with it although this is just a prototype done with pretty poor quality paper that doesnt seem to stand up to the test of wearing.Last time I put it on a section dropped off,wasnt really suprised though it was the scrap book paper which comes in really nice colours but is just not very durable.
It made a nice colourful change from books and the texture of the paper was lovely,almost felt like,a bit dissapoined really but shall try again.
It is odd though how some of my favourite experiments are achieved when I am either ill or very tired,maybe its because I dont feel upto getting serious when I am not feeling great so dont put any pressure on myself to produce and just get into mindless fiddeling.