Monday, 24 May 2010

wild flower bead pendants

wild flower bead pendants, originally uploaded by effemera.

While I was enjoying making the necklace using the wild flower book
thought I would continue and make a couple of pendants.These will be on display with the necklace and for sale at the next Moving Clay exhibition as part of the Macclesfield Barnaby festival in June at Duke`s Court Art Studios.

text bead necklace

text bead necklace.3, originally uploaded by effemera.

Made as a commission,was nice as I havnt made a necklace using just the text from a book in ages.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

OS map of exmoor,Croyde brooch.4
Made as a commision for a paper wedding anniversary present,Croyde had romantic significance!

wild flower book beads

wild flower book beads , originally uploaded by effemera.

wild flower book beads

wild flower book beads, originally uploaded by effemera.

Necklace made using `A Field Guide in Colour to Wild Flowers`
isbn 0 7064 0474 2 1978 second edition,seeds(job`s tears),cotton and old buttons.
This necklace uses some pages from the white flowers section.I was inspired by the lovely weather this week and the sudden abundance of flowers and the birds singing,I love May!