Monday, 29 June 2009

Goldilocks & the Three Bears Bangle

Bangle made using Ladybird book,I love these books as I have very fond memories of them when I was a child. My favourites were The Three Little Pigs which had some pretty scary illustrations especially of the big bad wolf! I also loved The Princess and the Pea, I used to put stuff under my mattress to see if I was a princess..... I wasnt! I also loved Cinderella, the illustrations to all the books were wonderful and certainly gave me a big incentive to read the stories.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

New work

I have been thinking about cutting books rather than just folding for some time. I was especially interested if it would be possible to cut the pages yet still keep the book whole,that probably sounds like an oxymoron if that's the correct term.

One of the things about books that really interests me is the spatial properties. Books I think can be thought of as four dimensional objects,that is they have height ,width, depth and the aspect of time is involved in the experience of them. The space they take up can increase quite dramatically once folded There is also the problem that only three sides of paper can be manipulated successfully for folding. It seemed interesting to me to see if the volume could be increased by cutting .

I woke up 7.00 am last Saturday morning with a flash of inspiration and did some experiments with a `sacrificial`book,I always have one on the go as they work as a kind of sketchbook.

After experimenting I had a look at my book collection and found what I think was the perfect book for the job, its a book I have read a few times but a long time ago.

The title is`The Body of God`by D H Lawrence.