Thursday, 20 August 2009

moving house

Its such a shame that I havnt got time to spend on this blog at present.I am packing up to move into a new home and life has got hectic with sorting out my stuff from my present home and my partner making room in his home for me to move in.
Even worse is that i havnt had any time to make which is so frustrating. I am expecting it to be at least a month before I shall be in a position to be creating again.
I am at least hoping that I will have time to surf the net for interesting stuff to inspire me and all being well I shall post to this blog.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Butterfly in my garden

A couple of photos of a butterfly in my garden taking the nectar from my Butterfly bush. I think that it is a Red Admiral or as my daughter used to call them when she was little a `Red Admirable. They are very admirable creatures,it is a good name.
Have just googled the butterfly and it is in fact a Painted lady or (Vanessa cardui).

NMNH Entomology Collections

NMNH Entomology Collections

The U.S. National Entomological Collection ranks as the second largest insect collection in the world with approximately 35 million specimens including over 100,000 holotypes plus hundreds of thousands of additional paratypes and other secondary types.

Old Bess passes over Todmorden

Old Bess passes over Todmorden, originally uploaded by effemera.

I rather liked the idea of the Butterflies having names that related to the landscapes that they have been formed from.This one has a place name of Old bess which I think is a lovely name for a Butterfly although i am not sure that butterflies really can be old.I think of them being ephemeral rather like the paper that this one has been made of.
Old Bess though is as `old as the hills`!!!

I had a thought that maybe i could make a display of them rather like a victorian collection in a cabinet,using map pins to hold them down.

A flutter of butterflies

a flutter of butterflies, originally uploaded by effemera.

Since i have had so many ideas fluttering around my head recently this is what I decided to do. The practice is good and I am not really all that great at origami but I love doing it and as they say practice makes perfect.
Not sure what i shall do with them at the moment.