Friday, 30 July 2010

Liverpool brooch.

Liverpool brooch., originally uploaded by effemera.

This Brooch is made from a 1969 Ordnance survey map of Liverpool.Although I was born in Manchester I spent much of my childhood with my Grandparents who lived about 10 miles away.Many of their sisters and Brothers lived arround the Liverpool area although I think one of them was actually virtualy dissowned for marrying a proper Liverpudlian! My Uncle Albert like many other people who live in the area claimed to have seen the Beatles popping into a house on the street where he lived !
I would have been 7 when this map was published and have many happy memories of staying with my Grandparents on their farm. It was a beautiful map showing many familiar places and giving me some good memories.I have saved the bit that shows my Grandparents farm so i will use that for a brooch for myself.
This brooch has been made for an exhibition to be shown as part of a set with the other city brooches.

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