Monday, 7 June 2010

old new blue

old new blue, originally uploaded by effemera.

I was asked recently if I made bridal jewellery which I dont specifically although paper is a wonderful material for the theme.
I thought this would be a good design challenge so I came up with this idea,based on `old, new, borrowed blue`.
I have used old,new and blue papers,the blue is a silk paper,it has wisps of silk running through it,the new is ivory coloured vellum and the old is recycled white tissue and old sewing patterns.I have capped the bottom off with reclaimed vintage buttons and the top with hand crocheted silver plated wire plus a bit of wispy white feather and threaded with an ivory satin ribbon.
Why eggs?....They symbolize rebirth,new begginings and of course fertility!
As for the borrowed part....... eggs are also linked with time and as we all know time is something all of us can only borrow.

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