Friday, 3 February 2012


Have given in yet again to 21st century living and signed up with Twitter,just added a convenient button to press should anyone be interested in following although really this blog does that anyhow. Seems more and more time is spent in virtual environments. Its great fun but can be addictive so will really have to watch myself or no work will ever get done.Flip side is if I do loads of work no blogging or social mediarization (spell check doesn't like that last word)gets done. Other problem is you have to blog etc to advertise to hopefully attract some sales but what I live to do is make art and the social media band wagon totally gets in the way of creating. Its such a difficult juggling act especially when an ordinary day job has to be fitted in too plus housework and family demands. I know most other artists/crafts people must have this same problem. answer on a post card please, or a Twitter if you have the time!

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  1. SO true. I also go through the same problem of doing work vs promoting work dilemma. It's hard to manage alongside a busy life involved with family n home. But you will get along just fine, trust me, it helps to let people know about your work and social media is a good way for doing so...
    Love your paper jewelry! beautiful work indeed.