Sunday, 19 July 2009

Too many ideas

At the moment I seem to have too many ideas in my head.I have spent lots of time this week experimenting and doing research and development. Problem is though that one idea always leads to another and one experiment leads to another so nothing seems to be achieved.
I think I probably need to take a break for a little while and let all the ideas percolate and stew.
I do seem to have a butterfly mind which probably doesnt help.

For today while my ideas are brewing I am going mess with this blog and add some links to sites I really like and or belong too.
On the thought of butterfly mind possibly my mind could also be described as an ephemeral one too! it might be a good plan to do some mind mapping in my sketch book. I used to do this when I was at college and it really helped,must get back to doing this.Maybe my ideas would then be remembered and last for more than a brief moment.

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